Beginning of the Bloggg

Who, what, and why.

This website represents the beginnings of a pursuit of a professional fiction writing career, or at least the social media aspect thereof.  However, as I am currently, ahem, “publication challenged,” I’m afraid I won’t have much professional news to share. (Yet. Of course. No overwhelming fear of failure here.)

So I plan to take this opportunity to talk about the works I already enjoy, as well as discussing the various tribulations of that career pursuit.  The former will be gathered under the heading of “Reviews”. Everything else, about the state of the writer, the writing, and the world at large, will be in the blog.

I hope to keep it light, keep it informative, keep it succinct, and keep it interesting. Feedback is very welcome (unless you’re a troll, in which case, I plan to feed you to my imaginary alligators.)

Welcome to the beginning of the blog. May it become a place you’ll want to visit frequently.

Arbutus tree. Photograph taken by me in April 2015, and filtered to look more sunny than it actually was.

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